Advanced Theoretical Lectures

Advanced Theoretical Lectures

Dental Medical Supplies - 2019-01-21

State of the art bracket placement workshop

After a first successful course on the DAMON system was performed in 2017-2018, DMS decided to start a new session on Monday 18th of February 2019 with Prof Roland Kmeid, certified in Damon System with a Master Degree and a key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Ormco in the Middle East.

This continuous course is divided into 4 sessions bi-monthly; It will cover many different interesting topics including theoretical lectures that would cover all aspects of advanced modern self-ligating orthodontics from treatment planning to debonding as well as a hands-on state of the art bracket placement workshop.

4 Modules

Evolution of the self-ligating bracket, Damon Versus Conventional bracket, Diagnosis and treatment planning.

•Bracket prescription:
Damon 3Mx, Damon Q, Bracket bonding and Initial Mechanics

•Torque Selection:
High Torques, Standard Torques, Low Torques

•And the last Module regarding:
Bite raisers (Disarticulation), Early Elastics, Wire Sequence(4 phases of treatment), Bracket Repositioning, Tips and tricks, The D-Gainer, The cross bites correction, IPR and Retainers.

For those of you who are interested in this Damon course; Kindly inform us to reserve a seat on 03 155 731