Dental Medical Supplies - 2019-01-25

Lingual Orthodontic Course with Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo -- Location: Lancaster Tamar, Hazmieh

The course is directed at orthodontists who want to know and learn not only the principle basics of Lingual Orthodontics but also to study the problems and the solutions of this technique. It is designed for orthodontists who wish to start treating patients by lingual appliances as well as those with experience who wish to further develop their skills, using LSW the most up to date operative clinical and laboratory methods.

Everyone taking part can acquire theory knowledge and operative method for bonding, re-bonding and malocclusion treatment sequences.
You can also learn the systematic for extractive and non-extractive treatment by using ALIAS – LSW, solving clinical problems as distalization, management of partial and/or absolute anchorage, anterior “en-masse” retraction and cosmetic treatment. A special session is dedicated to Digital Set-up procedure and how to submit a case by using ELINE system - Web Portal. The participants will learn the systematic which can be applied immediately to their clinical activity. The presentation and discussion of numerous clinical cases with different orthodontic problems will furnish the participants the know-how of management and application.

ALIAS - LSW orthodontists are members of a select group who have undergone additional training and official certification to provide the best patient care available and the perfect smile for your patients. You will get an official diploma as ALIAS - LSW certified specialist



Lingual Straight Wire (LSW) procedure owerview:

➢ Straight wire clinical and biomechanical advantages and comparison to traditional multibending techniques
➢ Archform shape management comparison to mushroom techniques

ALIAS PSL square slot bracket features:

➢ Rotation, tipping and torque biomechanical advantages
➢ Square Vs Rectangular slot

Clinical Procedures:

➢ Bonding and build-up construction
➢ Re-bonding procedure: IDB and Individual transfer JIGS
➢ Prevention of side effects: patient comfort and guidelines

Ext Cases Clinical Protocol:

➢ Wire Sequence
➢ Vertical&Transversal bowing effect: how to prevent
➢ Anchorage management: how to use vertical & horizontal TADS
➢ Pontics: when and how to use them

Non Ext Cases Clinical Protocol:

➢ Wire Sequence
➢ I.P.R.
➢ Distalization
➢ Vertical & Horizontal elastics and custom attachments.

Cosmetic Treatments (Social – 6)

How to start using ALIAS LSW system:

➢ Eline System Digital Service: the WebPortal
➢ Doctor Registration
➢ Traditional & Intraoral Impressions: how to upload them
➢ 3D online viewer
➢ Eline System Package Content
➢ Re-Bracketing Service

Presentation and discussion of simple and complex clinical cases