Ancar SD-150 Installation in Taanayel

Ancar SD-150 Installation in Taanayel

Dental Medical Supplies - 2017-03-10

Ancar SD-150 Installed in Taanayel by DMS - Dental Medical Supplies.

"Ancar SD-150" specifications:

• Electro-pneumatic instrument unit with continental delivery system.
• Electric chair with adjustable, reclining and Trendelenburg positions, and 5 preset memories (three for working, reset and return to cuspidor)
• Multifunction footswitch, with chair mmovement control and instrument control using lever, with water and “chip blower” selector.
• Selection of two micro-motor speed ranges from 0 to 2.500 (Selective) and from 0 to 40.000 (Global). • Selection of micro motor inversion and power level of the ultrasonic scaler.
• Separate regulation of the spray and water wealth for every instrument.
• ON/OFF switch of water and air supply into the unit.
• Pre-installation of lamp self-activation on leaving the idle position and return to cuspidor.
• Syringe 3F. as standard.

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