Damon System Course

Damon System Course

Dental Medical Supplies - 2017-06-20

We are glad to announce that Damon System Course will be held in the LDA - continuous education center at Sodeco in collaboration with Dr. Roland Kmeid.

For more information, kindly contact:

Mrs Carla Dahdah, mobile: +961 3 155 731
DMS Office, telephone: +961 1 240 444


Topics on Power Point

1- Damon Versus Conventionnal brackets
2- Damon PSL Versus ASL (Active self ligating brackets)
3- Diagnosis and treatment plan: what is different?
4- Bonding: SAP Technique
5- Torque Selection
6- Disarticulation
7- Early Elastics
8- Wire sequence
9- Bracket repositioning
10- Mechanics
11- Tips and Tricks in DAMON Mechanics
12- Crowding and facial driven Orthodontics
13- Extraction indications and space closure mechanics in extraction cases
14- The D-Gainer
15- Cross-bite correction
16- TADS and DAMON system
17- IPR (Interproximal reduction or stripping)
18- Class I Patients
19- Correcting Class II Patients
20- Correcting Class III Patients
21- Correcting Vertical Issues with the DAMON System
22- Debonding and retention



1- Bonding SAP Techninque
2- Indirect bonding Technique
3- IPR Hands on
4- Disarticulation Hands On
5- Early Elastics Hands On