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Alphaplast ↑ Request A Call

Class III, IV and V restorations

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Constic ↑ Request A Call

Small restorations of class I and III, primary tooth cavities, fissure sealings, base lining of class I and II restorations, blocking out and filling of undercuts

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EcuSphere ↑ Request A Call

High-quality universal composite system

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EcuSphere-Carat ↑ Request A Call

Restorations of all cavity classes, especially classes I and II; fabrication of direct inlays and onlays

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EcuSphere-Flow ↑ Request A Call

Small restorations of cavity classes I, III, IV, V; deciduous teeth; minimally invasive fillings; underfillings;

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EcuSphere-Shape ↑ Request A Call

Restorations of all cavity classes in the anterior and posterior region

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EcuSphere-Shine ↑ Request A Call

Highly esthetic anterior restorations of cavity classes III, IV and V; fabrication of direct veneers

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Silber 70-Solo

Silber 70-Solo ↑ Request A Call

For all load bearing restorations

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Ionosit-Baseliner ↑ Request A Call

Underfilling material for composite, amalgam and ceramic restorations and for blocking out undercuts

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Contax ↑ Request A Call

Light-curing adhesive system for light-curing restorative materials (composites, compomers) to be used on enamel and dentine

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Ecusit-Composite Repair

Ecusit-Composite Repair ↑ Request A Call

Repair of discolored composites, repair of damaged/abraded composites

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Etching Gel

Etching Gel ↑ Request A Call

Etching of enamel and dentine

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LuxaBond-Total Etch

LuxaBond-Total Etch ↑ Request A Call

Dual-curing bonding agent in combination with the Total-Etch technique on enamel and dentine for all direct and indirect techniques

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Vitique Silane

Vitique Silane ↑ Request A Call

Conditioning of siliceous ceramic substrates

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