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FOG BUSTER ↑ Request A Call

Spray preventing vapour deposition. Removes dirt.

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Antistatic foils

Antistatic foils ↑ Request A Call

Foils which are used for our visors are the result of our longstanding search for foils which are in keeping with all requirements for that kind of product.

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FOG BUSTER Tissues ↑ Request A Call

Tissues for Protective Visor

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Protective visors COMFORT

Protective visors COMFORT ↑ Request A Call

Our protective visor COMFORT ensures comfortable and hygienic work for dentists and dental technicians.

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VISOR for corrective glasses

VISOR for corrective glasses ↑ Request A Call

That type of a visor is an offer for those wearing corrective glasses.

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Protective shields for a patient

Protective shields for a patient ↑ Request A Call

Protective shields for a patient prevent injuries of an eye area that could happen as a result of dental procedures.

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