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Mini Diamond® Twin

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The Mini Diamond was developed in response to a patient need for a more aesthetic bracket.The Mini Diamond reflects years of research and development.

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Mini Diamond®

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Mini Diamond Marking System

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Mini-Twin™ ↑ Request A Call

The Mini-Twin brings a rhomboid design to a Straight-Wire appliance system.

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Mini-Twin VS™

Mini-Twin VS™ ↑ Request A Call

Each Mini-Twin bracket has a coordinated color ID system with the other Straight-Wire® mesh products.

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Straight-Wire® Appliances

Straight-Wire® Appliances ↑ Request A Call

The Family Of A Proven Clinical System

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Straight-Wire® Synthesis™

Straight-Wire® Synthesis™ ↑ Request A Call

Traditional Straight-Wire Features

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Orthos® ↑ Request A Call

Straightwire Simplified

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Orthos AP™

Orthos AP™ ↑ Request A Call

Orthos AP Marking System

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Titanium Orthos

Titanium Orthos ↑ Request A Call

New and improved Titanium Orthos — the finest straightwire twin appliance on the market that improves every aspect of conventional straightwire treatment from start to finish.

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